Cuvée Rosé d'Infusion

La fusion du Chardonnay et du Meunier est réalisée avec une méthode douce, naturelle et organique.

Il s'agit de l'association de 2 cépages différents provenant de 2 parcelles distinctes.

Composition : 98% Chardonnay et 2% Meunier

  • Village : Beaunay
  • Exp : Sud/Sud-Est
    Bouteilles : 1762
All wines from the estate have respected a 6-month period after disgorging before being marketed.

The plot "Les Gras d'Huile :

Village : Beaunay

Grape variety : Chardonnay

Rootstock : 41B

Year of plantation : 1993

Exposition : Sud Est

The plot "Les Barabannes" :

Village : Beaunay

Cépage : Meunier

Porte greffe : 41B

Year of plantation : 1972

Exposition : Sud Ouest

The Wine

Indigenous yeasts

Only one sulfiting is carried out after alcoholic fermentation

No static settling (Top settling by overflow)

Lees stirring only if the wine requires it.

Topping up: Only in warm periods.

No fining

No filtration

No tartaric stabilization

Infusion Method:

Rosé d’Infusion was born from a simple idea: applying the tea infusion method to wine.

After pressing, we wait for the Chardonnay juices to begin fermentation, then we go pick the finest Meunier grapes from the "Les Barabannes" plot.

Next, the Meunier grapes are carefully sorted and destemmed by hand to keep the berries intact.

We then pour the Meunier grapes into the Chardonnay must. From there, we monitor the infusion several times a day, conducting blind tastings to assess the taste; color is not of interest to us.

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