Les Hautes Sources Souris (Pinot Noir)

  • Year of plantation: 1990

  • Area: 16 ares and 82 centiares

  • Rootstock: 41B Millardet de Grasset

  • Grape variety: Pinot Noir

The ecosystem of the parcel


This parcel adjoins several hedges, thus providing a habitat rich in biodiversity. It notably observes the presence of rabbits digging among the vine rows, as well as pheasants and foxes. However, the relatively cold climate makes soil life slower and therefore more vulnerable.


The soil of this vineyard is very fertile, abundantly mixing humus with clay. At a depth of about 80 cm, limestone rocks begin to appear, some arranged in stacks of flat stones. Additionally, beneath this parcel, two springs flow, significantly cooling this terroir despite its south-facing exposure.