Les Gras d'Huile - Champagne Oudiette

Blanc de blancs

Cuvée Les Gras d'Huile

LThe "Les Gras d'Huile" parcel provides this Blanc de blancs with great aromatic power. Thanks to a significant internal surface area of lignite clays present in large quantities in this original location.

  • Village : Beaunay
  • Exp : South/Southeast
    Bottles : 1762 Chardonnay
All the wines from the estate have respected a 6-month period after disgorgement before their commercialization.

The Parcel:

Rootstock: 41B

Year of plantation: Section #1 – 1993, section #2 – 1998, section #3 – 2001, section #4 – 2004

The soils of the Les Gras d'Huile parcel are worked only under the vine stocks, while the rest is protected by a naturally implanted cover of indigenous plants.

For the protection of this parcel, we use only copper, sulfur, and fermented extracts of burdock and officinal sage.

The Wine

The handling of wines on the estate is done in a very simple way: we intervene only if necessary and nothing is systematic.

Our main objective is to allow the purest expression of the terroir.

The Les Gras d’Huile cuvée is primarily produced each year from a harvest, supplemented by perpetual reserve wine started in 2015 from the same plot.

The alcoholic fermentation occurs spontaneously in our barrels thanks to the indigenous yeasts of the location. Sometimes, before the harvest, we perform a micro-harvest to create a yeast mother starter, thus facilitating fermentations.

We never use sulfur at the harvest; the juices go directly from the press to the barrels to start fermentations.

Sulfur is only lightly added after fermentations, being the only input used.

Clarifications are done during fermentation, causing our barrels to overflow to extract the inert parts and preserve the pulps.

Our wines mature in 228-liter barrels for a minimum of 11 months, accompanied by their lees. We do not stir our wines, except in cases of deviant oxidation.

The wines are topped up only after fermentation until the arrival of warmer periods in spring.

Bottling at the estate takes place at the end of July or beginning of August, followed by 30 months of maturation before disgorgement.

The dosage of our wines is adapted to each wine, thus varying from year to year.

We do not practice fining, filtration, or tartrate stabilization. That's why a very light deposit may be present in the bottle.

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