This information is not a recipe, only variable results from year to year.

Composition 100 % Chardonnay

Base year: 2019 (72%) and Perpetual Reserve from 2015 to 2018 (28%).


06 Juillet 2018


20 Juillet 2021


1 Gram per liter

Lignite clays make up the first 90 centimeters of the geology of the plot. Then the dense chalk of the Thanécien brings the transition to a mother rock of friable chalk. The clays with lignites that are very sticky and oily in appearance after a heavy rain, give the name of the place.

Our plots are worked with the purest respect for the local ecosystem, no insecticides, no chemical weed killers.

Microfaune is stimulated by plant-based preparations (nettle, sod) that we spray on our soils as well as on our vines. We work our soils under the row and let the grass grow naturally in the row of vines.

The plot

"Les Gras d'Huile"
  • Area: 1 Hectare and 13 Centiares
  • Grape variety: 100% Chardonnay
  • Exposure: South East
  • Rootstock : 41B
  • Year of planting: Section n°1 - 1993, section n°2 - 1998, section n°3 - 2001, section n°4 - 2004

The Wine

"Les Gras d'Huile"
  • Wilds yeasts
  • No sulfiting at the harvest
  • Raking from the top (by overflow)
  • Bâtonnage: Only if the wine needs it
  • Ouillage : Only in hot periods.
  • 2 Pumping: one pumping is carried out at the harvest and then a second at the bottling.
  • Draft liqueur: Wine from the blend of the LGH18 cuvée brewed with organic unrefined sugar.
  • Dosage liqueur: Identical to the draft liquor but stored in magnum for 18 months.