The Terroir

Our Vines

Our vineyard is located mainly in Beaunay and in the commune of Celles-lès-Condé. It consists of 3 hectares. This human-sized surface allows us to work our parcels as gardens, with the greatest respect for the parceled ecosystem.

The average age of our family vineyard is 34 years and totals 23,114 vines, including 12,817 vines of Chardonnay, 8,549 vines of Meunier, 1335 vines of Pinot Noir and 413 vines of Pinot Gris.

Vigne Champagne Oudiette

For the past 10 years, we favor planting clover in our fields to create a balanced ecosystem and to keep our soils alive. However, for the last few years we have stopped intervening and let the native plant varieties thrive.

Our viticultural practices are as close as possible to the living world; each gesture is carefully thought out in order to maintain harmony and to be able to transmit to the wine the most accurate land “information” possible.

Alternating with the vegetation, our vines are cultivated with light scratching between the vines in order to regulate the native vegetation without slowing down the development of microbial life and to favor mineralization.
In addition, to nourish our soil in the fall, we exclusively use organic amendments.

Throughout the year, we work with fermented extracts (nettles, burdock, sage, horsetail…), to fortify and stimulate the microbial life of the soil, to fortify the plants, to fight against mildew and powdery mildew when the years allow it.


Our Soils

The Beaunay vineyard is located on geological undulations, which form a succession of promontories and cirques in continuity with the Côte des Blancs. The vineyard is therefore logically located on these undulations and preferably on the south, south-east and south-west sides for maximum sunshine.

Géologie de Beaunay - Champagne Oudiette

The subsoil of Beaunay is composed of soft white chalk. This chalk was formed by the sedimentation of coccoliths during the Secondary era (Upper Campanian).

Then each parcel has its own characteristics.

Beaunay Plot's