The Estate

Champagne Oudiette is located in Beaunay, a village located 10 km (6.2 miles) west of Vertus and 20 km (12,4 miles) south of Epernay, in the wine region of Les Coteaux du Petit Morin.

We cultivate and harvest all the grapes from our 2.5 hectares (6.8 acres) of vines. They are mainly spread over the commune of Beaunay, on parcels of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir as well as on the commune of Celles-lès-Condé on parcels of Meunier..

Estate Philosophy

The philosophy of the estate is to produce a wine connected to its place of origin. Our job as winegrowers is to understand the connections of each place to interact effectively with our wines. For this reason, at the time of pressing all our grapes are pressed and vinified in a single plot. This is the essential rule for understanding the influence of the soil on wines. Our inspiration finds its balance between conventional cultivation techniques, biodynamics, organic agriculture, permaculture and now vitiforestry. We adapt applications according to climate, diseases, plots and location.

There is no great wine without a connection to its place of origin.


The Domaine was founded in the 1920s by Léon and Gabrielle Aubert who, after the Second World War, began working the vines in the commune of Beaunay in parallel with agriculture.

Their daughter, Arlette and her husband André Oudiette, developed the winery throughout their lives and then passed it on to their two children.

Pascal Oudiette the eldest, accompanied by Sylvie his wife, have also devoted their lives to cultivating the vines and developing the estate by installing the first press in the early 1990s. In the 2000s, Pascal and Sylvie acquired new plots of land still located in Beaunay.

After 8 years of studies in vine growing and oenology, I joined the estate in 2012. I take over from my parents Pascal and Sylvie. I am continuing the evolution of the estate by developing farming practices with total freedom. In 2015, after the construction of the estate’s first cellar, I started making my first wines.